To ensure a smooth and efficient project where everyone is on the same page, we follow a specific process.

Stage 1 – Consultation

There is no charge for this initial step.

Stage 2 – Design

Before you meet again with Alex, we start the design process which may include:

Photos or drawings
Measurements of the space, wall height
Details of appliances
A couple of images from your storyboard that you like.

There is a design fee charge of $350 + GST, plus $100 + GST for any additional room spaces.

This is then credited against your deposit invoice upon acceptance of the estimate.

If a site visit is required there will be a charge of $150 + GST (per visit).

Stage 3 – Concept presentation

At this appointment, you will be presented with your concept and an estimate for manufacturing your joinery. You will be presented with a digital walk-through of your 3D concept design images and an opportunity to discuss pricing and product options.

An estimate and digital copy of the concept design will be emailed to you.

Thereafter $85 per hour fee will apply if drastic changes are made from the original designs.

Stage 4 – Alterations and sign-off

Alex will make contact to arrange a final meeting to sign off the estimate, manufacturing drawings and specifications, including materials, colours, and accessories.

We will also discuss projected manufacturing timelines and installation dates.

Stage 5 – Deposit

Upon acceptance of the estimate, we require a 50% deposit of the total amount.

Subject to your site being ready and the deposit being received, we will arrange a time to come over and take detailed site measures to begin manufacturing.

You will receive a final plan for your project before we begin manufacturing.

Stage 6 – Factory release payment

A further 45% instalment payment invoice will be sent to you before your joinery leaves the Mano factory.

Stage 7 – Installation

Subject to your site being ready and the instalment payment received, Alex and his team will begin installation. Once your joinery installation is completed, you will receive a 5% final payment invoice.